Child Support

Representation for Complicated Child Support Cases

Rely on Our Experience for Your Child Support Case

Child support can be a particularly contentious part of your divorce case, with ramifications that will last for years. Be prepared by hiring Tiffany A. Cleveland, Attorney at Law for your divorce and family law needs. No matter how complicated your child support case is, we can guide you to an equitable solution.

How Is Child Support Calculated?

Georgia views both parents as financially responsible for their minor child. In January 2007, this state adopted new child support guidelines. As such, child support is now calculated via child support worksheets taking into account the gross income of both parties so as to determine the pro rata share of support due. There are a number of deviations that may be applicable to your situation. It is your attorney’s responsibility to apply those deviations so as to increase or decrease the amount of support owed depending on the party that he or she represents.
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